Our Staff



Owner and Curator
Gary L. Miller
Our Helpers:

Our thanks goes out to Bogey, Carmen, Tabasco, Oaty, Petey, Old Charlie, Chi, Scooby, Merlin, Precious, Rocky, Lovie, Apollo, Daphne, Potter, Beatrice, Zepher, Penelope, Horatio, Henrietta, Bob the Cat, PePe, Papaya, Birdie, Matisse, Bonsai, Toshi, Cheng, Ling, Moonbeam, Cosmos, Soleil, Luna, Samson, Delilah, Betty, Roscoe, Little Bit, and all the other little feathered or furred friends whose past, present and constant input, is greatly appreciated.

Bogey puts up with all of the  above critters, including us.





 Bob the Cat (Undercover Agent) aliases:
Bobblicious, Bobbletop, or Bob-a-loo


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