The Fisher's Lovebird



  • Common Name:  Lovebird - Fischer's

  • Other Common Names:  Fischers Lovebird

  • Scientific Name:  Agapornis personata fischeri 

  • Group:  Lovebird

  • Origin or Range:  Africa

  • Relative Size:  Smaller Than Average

  • Average Lifespan:  17 years

  • Compatibility:  Relatively Non-Aggressive

  • Category:  Parrots

The Fischer's Lovebird can be described simply as beautiful.  With their natural warm hues this Lovebird is sure to capture your heart.  It is no surprise that the Fischer's Lovebird is one of the most loved Lovebirds raised in captivity today.

The Fischer's Lovebird is not only handsome, but he is playful, energetic and fun to be around.  They are easy to tame, and bonds easilyThe Fisher's Lovebird with his owners.  This is particularly true if you have a young, hand raised bird.  Unlike many of the other parrot species, Fischer's Lovebirds are relatively quiet and will not cause the complaints larger parrots often draw from neighbors and housemates. They are easy to house and care for because of their small size.  Lovebirds in general are not known for their talking ability; the Fischer is no exception.  If you want a bird that has talking ability you should select another breed.  On occasion some Fischer's Lovebirds have been taught a couple words to mimic, but this is not the norm and should not be expected.  Some refer to the Fischer's Lovebird as 'clowns'.  This is because they are such energetic playful creatures.  They bounce around their environments from perch to toy, to toy and back to their perch again, exhibiting almost tireless energy.

They come in a wide variety of color mutations including, Albino, Pied, The Fisher's LovebirdBlack or Dark Eyed White, Dilute Blue, Dilute Yellow, Lutino, and Cinnamon.  This Lovebird is classified with four other distinct species as 'Eye-ring Lovebirds' (The other three species are Black Cheeked, Masked and Nyasa).  This classification is readily apparent, as this  Lovebird possesses a white eye ring that is not existent in other breeds such as the Peach Faced Lovebird.  The Fischer's Lovebird is much smaller than other parrot species measuring only five to six and a half inches at adulthood.  The Fischer's Lovebird originates in Africa and nearby Islands.

Like other Lovebirds the Fischer's requires a proper cage, preferably not bamboo or wood since these can be chewed.  These birds love toys andThe Fisher's Lovebird should be provided plenty of them.  In addition several perches are also recommended.  Some favorites include, rope ladders, bells and natural wood perches.  Mirrors, however, are not recommended as many state that they are harmful for their psyches.  The Fischer's also does quite well in flight aviaries.

The Fischer's Lovebird is regularly bred in captivity.  Females will lay three to six eggs with an incubation period ranging from 20 to 26 days.

It should be noted that Fischer's Lovebirds mate for life.


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