The Chattering Lory



  • Common Name:  Lory - Chattering Red

  • Other Common Names:  Chattering Lory, Moluccan Lory

  • Scientific Name:  Lorius garrulus garrulus

  • Group:  Lory

  • Origin or Range:  Islands of Halmahera

  • Relative Size:  Larger Than Average 

  • Average Lifespan:  ??? years

  • Compatibility:  Uncertain

  • Category:  Parrots

The Chattering Lory has been called the most popular of all LoryThe Chattering Lory breeds.  With all of the demand for these stunning creatures, demand often outweighs supply.  For those lucky enough to own a Chattering Lory, they are blessed with a beautiful companion.

The Chattering Lory (garrulus garrulus) is not to be confused with the Yellow Back Lory (garrulus flavopalliatus).  The Yellow Back Lory is also called the Chattering Lory in some areas.  While these two subspecies are similar, they are distinct and should be recognized as such.  They can be distinguished by the presence of a bright yellow The Chattering Lorypatch on the back of the Yellow Back Lory, which is either missing or much less defined in garrulus garrulus.  The Chattering Lory (garrulus garrulus) has been called the Red Chattering Lory and the Moluccan Lory.  Whatever his name, the Chattering Lory is perhaps one of the most beautiful of all Lories. 

The Chattering Lory has a brilliant red head that blends into dark red shoulders.  Its wings are primarily green, though yellow is seen at the bend and under the wing coverts.  A large red band marks the underside of the flight feathers.  His tail is red with green tips.  Orange can be seenThe Chattering Lory on his belly.  He has an orange bill topped with a gray cere.  He has gray feet and his eyes range from orangey-red to yellowish brown.  Often a single dark line is seen coming from the top of the eye towards the back of the head, it almost looks like eyeliner.  The immature birds are easily recognized by their dark bill and iris, their striking adult plumage is realized by six months of age.  There is no difference between males and females.  The Chattering Lory is a large parrot with an average size of 12 inches (30cm).

The Chattering LoryThe Chattering Lory's habitat in the wild is the mangrove forests of Indonesia.  He has also been seen in the islands of Weda and Halmahera.  Unfortunately many of the Lory species are classified as endangered.  At this time the Chattering Lory is not endangered and hopefully will remain so.


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