Lilac Crowned Amazon



  • Common Name:  Amazon - Lilac Crowned
  • Other Common Names:  Lilac Crowned Amazon, Finsch's Amazon
  • Scientific Name:  Amazona finschi 
  • Group:  Amazon
  • Origin or Range:  Mexico
  • Relative Size:  Larger Than Average 
  • Average Lifespan:  50 years
  • Compatibility:  Average 
  • Category:  Parrots

The Lilac Crown Amazon is a favorite among many, and it's not surprising. This parrot has a sweet disposition and is quite lovely to behold. In addition, he is also an intelligent companion that will provide his owners with many years of happiness.

Best known for his even-tempered disposition, the Lilac Crown Amazon is a favorite among parrot fanciers. They tend to be more shy than some of the other Amazon species. There are two commonly recognized species of this Amazon - the standard Lilac Crown Amazon, also called 'Finsch's Amazon' (Amazona Finschi Finschi), and the Sonora Lilac Crowned Amazon (Amazona Finschi Woodi). The first species will be discussed here. The Lilac Crown Amazon is not as well known for talking as other Amazons, such as the Double Yellow Headed Amazon, but some maintain they are good talkers. Others hold that he usually is not much of a talker, but some will make surprisingly chatty companions. Several owners of Lilac Crown Amazons claim their's not only talk, but they sing. It is held that the chances for talking are greatly increased if you raise your Lilac from a baby. There are of course never any guarantees about talking ability. Even if your Lilac never utters a word he is still a wonderful pet. This Amazon does well in homes with families. If they are socialized well from an early age, they tend to get along well with all family members; this is often not the case with many otherAmazons. They display a very even temperament that stays throughout adulthood. Some other breeds of Amazon become very aggressive as they reach sexual maturity. The Lilac Crown may display a little bad behavior during his sexual maturity, but in most cases, it passes very quickly. Their even temperament makes them a great choice in family households. Like other Amazons, the Lilac can be noisy. If you want a quiet companion the Lilac Crown Amazon is not the pet for you. They take great pleasure from making his jungle noises and he should never be forbidden to do so. Another love of the Lilac Crown Amazon is chewing. You should provide your Lilac Crown with a variety of toys in their play area to chew on. The average lifespan is between 40 and 60 years depending on care and diet.

They are slightly smaller than their cousin, the Sonora Lilac Crowned Amazon. Averaging a mature size of 13 inches (33cm) in length, they are of medium size compared to other Amazons. His wingspan ranges from seven to eight inches (185-208mm). Like most amazons, the primary color of the Lilac Crown is green. His body is accented in many colors. Greenish yellow feathers can be seen decorating the front of his crown, abdomen, ear coverlets, chest, and cheeks. His lores, forehead, and the front of his crown are a reddish brown or maroon color, while pale blue is seen on his nape and the sides of his neck. The wings and tail feathers of the Lilac are quite stunning. The secondary feathers of the wings are seen in a striking violet blue, with red-wing speculum seen on the first five feathers. His tail is green with yellow tips, featuring blue feathers towards the outside of the tail. The colors of the Lilac Crown mature with age. His feet are gray. His beak is yellowish, and his eyes possess a lovely orange iris.

The Lilac Crown Amazon originates in Mexico. He is commonly seen in southwestern Mexico as well as in central western Mexico. The Lilac Crown Amazon was also named the Finsch's Amazon, after the person who initially distinguished it as a breed distinct from the Blue Fronted Amazon. The Lilac Crown does bear a strong resemblance to other parrot species, such as the Mexican Red Head and the Green Cheeked Amazon, but closer inspection reveals several differences.

The Lilac Crown LOVES to chew. You must provide him with plenty of toys for this purpose only. Like other parrots, these are intelligent creatures and can become bored easily if they are left alone. For this reason, it is often recommended to leave a radio or television on for them in your absence. Because of their intelligence, it is not uncommon for a Lilac Crown to escape from his cage; make sure that you parrot proof the cage, so that he does not become an adept escape artist.

Like many parrots, the Lilac is susceptible to Psittacosis and other parrot diseases. A sensible diet, routine health care, and clean living quarters usually helps to all but eliminate these problems.

Breeding outside of the wild is often difficult with Lilac Crown Amazons. The Lilac Crown will display aggression towards other birds during breeding season and thusly breeding pairs must be separated at this time. Courtship usually begins in May, resulting in the hen laying two to four eggs, which take 26 days to hatch. The offspring usually remain in the nest for 54 to 60 days.


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