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Avian Species
The American Canary
The African Grey - Congo
The African Grey - Princeps
The African Grey Timneh
The Aru Red Sided Eclectus Parrot
The Black Capped Conures
The Black Headed Caique
The White Bellied Caique
The Blue and Gold Macaw
The Blue Crowned Conures
The Blue Fronted Amazon
The Blue Headed Macaw
The Blue Headed Pionus
The Blue-Throated Macaw
The Bronze Winged Pionus
The Brown Throated Conure
The Budgerigar Parakeet
The Buffon's Macaw
The Chattering Lory
The Cockatiel Parrot
The Collared Lory
The Dusky Headed Conure
The Dusky Pionus
The Eclectus Parrot
The Finsch's Conures
The Fisher's Lovebird
The Golden Conures
The Gouldian Finch
The Greater Patagonian Conures
The Green Cheeked Amazon
The Green Cheeked Conure
The Hyacinth Macaw
The Jenday Conure
The Kea Parrot
The Lilac Crowned Amazon
The Little Corella Parrot
The Long Billed Corella Parrot
The Masked Lovebird
The Maximilian Pionus
The Mexican Parrotlet
The Military Macaw
The Nanday Conure
The Peachface Lovebird
The Quaker Parakeet
The Rainbow Lory
The Red Lored Amazon Parrot
The Red Lory
The Red Bellied Parrot
The Red Collared Lorikeet
The Red Winged Parrot
The Society Finch
The Sun Conure
The White Capped Pionus
The White Fronted Amazon
The Zebra Finch

Avian Health & Safety
Avian Parasites
Broken Blood Feathers
Common Bird Injuries
Emergency Sick Bird Care
Feather Abnormalities
Feather Plucking I
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Pet Bird Maintenance
Psittacosis - Parrot Fever
Scaly Face Mites
The Scoop on Poop
Tropical Bird Safety
Why Quarantine?

Avian Intelligence
Animal Consciousness (Opens new Window)
A Not-So Bird Brained Idea by Ian Popple
A Talk with Irene Pepperberg
About Teaching Your Parrot to Talk
The Communication Link With Our Parrots - by Jane Hallander
Birds are Aware (Opens new Window)

Interesting Articles
Bird Marts by Ernie Colaizzi
Do You Have a Bored and Unhappy Pet Bird? - by Alfred & Dave Tippy
Feathered Companions…the Ultimate Dilemma by Pamela Clark
Ten Reasons Not to Buy a Bird by Michael Held
Understanding The Language & Behavior of a Pet Bird - by Alfred & Dave Tippy

Just for Fun
12 Reasons for Owning a Bird
Famous Quotes
How Fast Do They Run?
Human-Avian Insanity Reaction Syndrome
Interesting Animal Facts
It's a Bird's Life by Jodi Lynn Giannin
Just For Fun #1
Just For Fun #2
Just For Fun #3
You Know Your Into Parrots IF

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Basic Bird Care
Basic Training for Your New Bird
Cages for Your Bird
Obedience Training for Flighted Parrots by Greg Glendell
Pet Bird Maintenance
Safe Wood for Perches
The Good and the Bad

Disclosure Statement
Privacy Statement
Submission Policies

Avian Terminology
Links -- Getting Your New Bird
Links -- Owning an African Grey
Need a Name for Your Pet?
Veterinary Abbreviations & Acronyms

Birds Need People Food
Does Your Pet Bird Need Grit?
Nutrition Table for African Greys
Read the Ingredients of Your Pets Food
The Vitamin A List

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Staff
Our Staff

Placement Services
Information on Placing a Bird with Us

Reference Library
Our Reference Library

A Parrot's Security and Well Being
Choosing a Bird Species
Parrots and Change
Potty Training
Recovering Missing Birds
Socializing Your Bird
Tips for Recovering Missing Birds by Jean Pattison

Useful Links
Links -- Getting a New Bird
Links -- Owning an African Grey
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