Our Mission Statement



The mission of Southeast Texas Avian Rescue, Inc.,
is three-fold.

First, we will provide a safe avenue for persons who can no longer keep their bird, but want to insure a quality new home for their pet.

Second, we will provide a safe haven for neglected pet birds either through ignorance, lack of education, or cruelty.  We will take these birds into our facility and rehabilitate them if possible.   If not, they will remain with us as a member of our family.

Third, it is our goal and desire to educate the current, as well as new, bird owners on how to properly care for any bird they decide to take in.

STARescue cooperates with local Humane Societies, SPCA, Veterinarians, Animal Control Services and other humane types of organizations to act as a referral service for lost, escaped or unwanted birds.

STARescue, Inc.

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