Links -- Owning an African Grey

Here are some links to articles on the web about your African Grey. Please remember, everyone has their own opinion about finding, raising, training and living with a pet bird. STARescue does not agree with everything said in these articles, but has found some useful information in all of them. Please read and study about all facets of acquiring and owning an African Grey Parrot before committing to this breed of feathered friend. 

STARescue does not agree with bird mill's (like puppy mills) breeding procedures but have included articles about breeding for your awareness and knowledge. 

About African Grey Parrots
African Grey FAQ
African Grey Myths: Greys Are One-Person Birds
African Grey Parrot (Pictures & Range Map)
Aspergillosis: Natural Prevention and Healing Methods
Brains and Beauty: African Grey Parrots
Breeding African Greys
Breeding African Greys - Part I
Breeding African Greys - Part II
Breeding African Greys - Part III
Breeding African Greys (Pairing)
Cockatoos and African Greys: Are they Really So Different? Part I
Cockatoos and African Greys: Are they Really So Different? Part II
Congos and Timnehs, Is There A Difference?
Greys and Elephants: Is There a Relationship? (phobic greys)
Hazards and the Care of Your Bird
Isabel Never Told Me When Isabel Sold Me..(Humor)
Joy And Anxiety Of A First Born
Keeping African Greys
Managing Stress in African Greys
Safe Diet
Skin and Feather Care for Greys
Stress in African Greys and Other Birds
Tips n Trix
When and How to Clip a Weaning Baby


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