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Basic Bird Care
Basic Training for Your New Bird
Cages for Your Bird
Hand Feeding
Obedience Training for Flighted Parrots
The ABC's of Leg Bands
The Good And the Bad
Safe Wood for Perches

Health & Safety

Broken Blood Feathers
Common Bird Injuries

Emergency Sick Bird Care
Feather Abnormalities
Feather Plucking I
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Avian Parasites
Pet Bird Maintenance
The Scoop on Poop

Tropical Bird Hazards
Why Quarantine?
Psittacosis - Parrot Fever


Birds Need People Food
Does Your Bird Really Need Grit?
Nutrition Table for African Greys
Read the Ingredients of Your Pet's Food
The Vitamin A List


A Parrot's Security
Choosing a Bird Species
Contact Calls
Parrots & Change
Potty Training
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Recovering Missing Birds
Socializing Your Bird

Bird Intelligence

Animal Consciousness (Opens new Window)
A Not-So Bird Brained Idea
A Talk with Irene Pepperberg

Expressions of Creative Animal Intelligence

About Teaching Your Bird to Talk

The ParakeetThe African Grey Congo


Tweetie - Always Needs Attention

Bird & Parrot Profiles:



The Nanday Conure


Zebra Finches 



The Golden Conure

An 80 Min. Interview with Kim Bear - A Parrot Behavioral Specialist
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How do I get My Parrot to Love Me?
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Leave the Egg Laying to Wild Birds
Ten Reasons Not to Buy a Bird
The Single Greatest Threat to Avian Health

Understanding the Language & Behavior of a Pet Bird

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