Caper Lee




 Caper’s Plea for Caring Hearts

“A Love Story for Our Little Bird of a Different Feather”

 Dear Gary, 

I have been a bird lover since working professionally with large parrots, McCaw’s and Cockatoos when I was much younger as a teen ager working at Walt Disney World and the old Discovery Island (which no longer exist…sadly). I completely and forever feel in love with them all. 

Ten years ago my wife and I decided to bring home two baby black headed caiques, both brother and sister which we named Caper Lee (boy) and Basil Sue (girl). They were amazing together. Caper and Basil used to play hard hopping and rolling on the floor and climbing on our laps. We were one big happy family. 

One day at 3 ˝ years old, Basil had a freak accident and died from it. I rushed home from work as soon as I found out. I have always considered myself a strong man, but when I picked up her tiny body I could not help but drop to my knees and grieve deeply. Some say these animals are “like part of the family” …I say they are not “Like” part of the family…. They “ARE” part of my family.  

Caper and Basil used to go to bed at night after getting sleepy on my shoulder. I would walk them to their cage where inside there was a cozy tent my wife skillfully made. They would both jump in and cuddle up and go to sleep. It was a very consistent and pleasant nightly routine, which I always looked forward too. Then I would cover their cage and they would sleep peacefully thru the night uninterrupted without another sound. 

The night Basil died I allowed Caper to see her and say goodbye in his own way. He preened her and watched over her for an hour and then I removed her for her final parting. That night I went to tuck Caper into bed as usual. He jumped into his tent like always and waited for Basil to follow. He called for her… but of course, she never came. That night and the following nights, Caper repeated this effort. After about a week he stopped calling and I guess he realized she would not be coming back.  

It is now 6 ˝ years later. It has been difficult to find the right female for him. I was also unsure if another little girl would be accepted by him. Caper eats well and plays with us extremely well but he has never slept soundly again. In the night, he wakes and cries for me…literally like a baby…wanting me to come hold him for a minute or so, which I do gladly. He will quickly climb onto my chest and tuck his little head under my chin where it is warm. My hands cradle him close and he feels comforted. Then as he calms down, he goes back to bed and sleeps for a few more hours. Often in the night I hear him walking around or eating a bit and I realize he is restless and lonely. I do my best to comfort him…but I will never be Basil. 

I am reaching out to you and any of your contacts in the bird adoption or owner/parent world. I realize your site says you have no adoptions at this time, but perhaps you may later or you might remember us to your friends and associates who may be able to help our little Caper…and me.  

I am trying to find a female Caique between the ages of five and ten years old. I think this is a good age range that may prove to be more readily accepted by Caper, as he is a young adult now.

 I have read many post on various sites wherein hundreds of people have troubles with their caiques with violence and wild behavior and feather picking, etc. Most experts agree that these birds are not for beginners and require an experienced owner with a stronger than average constitution, such as myself.

 For the comfort of anyone considering allowing us to adopt their little girl caique, I will tell you more about us and how our birds are treated. Our birds have very large Kings cages (one each 36”x24”x48”). These birds are very active and athletic and require a great deal of extra space due to their high energy lifestyles. Still at night Basil and Caper slept in one cage together and then we would have the second cage when they needed their own space…which happens time to time.  

We are not the type of bird owner/parents that I unfortunately hear of far too often, who feeds their birds a diet of seeds and pellets and walks away feeling as if they have done their job. Our birds get a handpicked mix of human grade foods each day, which include most items we eat such as chia seeds, quinoa, flax seeds, raw nuts including cashews, almonds, walnuts and hazel nuts and raw unsalted pistachios and they also get a helping of Harrison’s Pellets.

Caper gets a large variety of foods to expansive to list herein such as dried figs, which he loves to devour slowly. He also gets many fresh foods and this is easy for us since we are very nutritionally minded in our own lives. We eat fresh fruits and smoothies daily and make vegetable drinks for lunch. While we are cutting up all these organic ingredients, we always share them with Caper. I also make him fresh sprouted seeds and grains and legumes for dinner mixed with fresh vegetables like sweet potato, carrots and red bell peppers. He loves olives also...he has excellent taste.

 Caper is a very healthy boy but he does pick his feathers a bit on his chest and some on his legs at night when he is lonely. He nor Basil never did this behavior when she was alive. He is by no means balding himself but I know in my heart that this is a reaction to his need for a companion.

 I own my own company and often work from home (thank God) and this allows Caper to be free most of the day. He has a tree stand and he loves to sit outside with me in the mornings and call to the wild birds landing on our bird feeders just outside of our screened in porch. He has a good life here but I want to make it great again for him. I believe he would welcome a girl companion. I hope you or your friends can help.

 Whatever little girl bird comes into our lives will come into a home life of abundant love and great care. She will be healthy, happy and as free as any home dwelling bird can be. I even think of the future so I am leaving a trust for my animals so they can be cared for, even after I am gone someday. The only thing I cannot provide myself is the same species attention Caper needs from another girl bird.

 If you have read this far, I thank you for taking this time. If you can post this or pass this on to someone who may have a little girl caique who would welcome a handsome new fellow like our Caper Lee, we would greatly appreciate it. Even if it takes some time, we are open to the wait. We will also be careful in our attempts to reunite him with another bird with slow patient introductions because he has never met another bird outside of Basil. However; his actions seem to be very obvious with his affections. We believe this new girl will be welcomed readily and with excitement. I and Caper hope she will feel the same way.

 I want to thank you and your friends for any and all help you can afford us. In the meantime, keep up the great work you are doing for our feathered friends. We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 Warm Kind Regards, 

 James Peeler… Caper’s Dad.

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