STARescue's Submission Policies



Anyone may submit photos, stories, or other written information for use by Southeast Texas Avian Rescue ( appreciate your submissions.

STARescue, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any submission. There is no guarantee that any submission will be accepted and used by STARescue.

We may edit the content to comply with our policies and goals. We may crop any submitted photos to provide what we determine to be the best view of the subject. We may also adjust or optimize any submitted photos for size, clarity, and/or download speed. We will work to find what we determine to be the best combination of these items. The image size that we use on our photo pages is 200 pixels by 200 pixels. All images destined for photo pages will be adjusted to that size. Submitted images should be larger than this size when possible. If an image is of very high quality and high resolution, it may be selected for display in a high resolution mode. In addition, all images posted on the site will be 'watermarked' with the words "". This is intended to help prevent other sites surreptitiously displaying images from our site. By watermarking these images we are not claiming ownership or rights beyond the license granted to us upon submission of the content.

Submitted images should be in TIFF, BMP, or JPEG (JPG) format. TIFF and BMP formats are preferred. JPEG format is what is known as a 'losing' format. This means that information is actually lost in the compression scheme. The more compression is used the more information is lost. We prefer the images with as little compression as possible. Our final size for animal pages is at least 200 x 200 pixels but submitted images should be larger. We will adjust the size when the watermark is applied.

Submissions mailed to us will not be returned unless you include a self addressed stamped envelope. In that case we will return them as soon as possible.

Any written works submitted must include the name and contact information of the author, and if applicable, where it was previously published. Written submissions may be submitted by post mail or email. By submitting content, which includes photos, to us, you grant us the license to use them in any way we see fit. This license is permanent and non-revocable. This will include public display of your submission on websites operated by STARescue as well as on other sites where the content is provided by STARescue. You assert that you have the legal right to grant us this license. Please see our 'Contact Us' page for information on where to send submissions via email or postal mail.



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