Top 12 Reasons for Owning a Bird



  1. You love those designer spots on the backs of all your shirts.
  2. The feeling of bird seed inside your shoes feels normal.
  3. You can't resist buying just one more bird, again.
  4. You would miss having a phone conversation without someone sitting on your head.
  5. You always wanted clothes with birds on them anyway.
  6. You were tired of being the boss.
  7. You never liked wearing jewelry anyway.
  8. Your cuticles needed daily attention.
  9. You wanted your ears pierced but didn't feel like going to the mall.
  10. You didn't think you spent enough time cleaning and cooking.
  11. You wanted to see what your pain threshold was.
  12. You wanted to lose weight and needed to be forced to share half of each meal.

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